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Legal & Conveyancing

Legal & Conveyancing

Upon an offer being accepted, Sloann proactively co-ordinates all parties and oversee the entire process on their client’s behalf.

From carefully reading through the surveyor’s report and providing commentary to liaising with any contractors to obtain quotes between exchange and completion – a property finder can assist with a great many tasks and provide expert and objective guidance as needed.

Recommending trusted professionals such as interior designers and removals companies to ensure all bases are covered, a property finder will also consider the finer details of the move, happily collecting the keys, taking utility meter readings and being available to make certain their client is settled.

Discreet property sourcing for discerning buyers

‘Sloann offers objective and wholly impartial advice, while providing clients with assurance, complete discretion and anonymity.’ – A valued client

About Us

We bring a deep and detailed understanding of the commercial and residential property investment and long-term opportunities and particular skills to the potential for commercial-to-residential and commercial-to-hotel-conversion of various commercial buildings across London.

We carry out extensive due diligence and develop a strong relationship with the planning authorities within the greater London zones we focus in and apply our keen acumen and skills to the negotiation process to ensure that we acquire property for our clients at the very best prices and where possible for added-value within the sought-after areas of Mayfair in particular and Knightsbridge and Belgravia and select locations compatible within the range of investment priorities of our clients.

Our specialist commercial niche focus is investments in commercial buildings within the greater London area and major urban areas across the United Kingdom which are adaptable or with potential for conversion to residential, serviced apartments or hotel use.

We work with selected building consultants, planners, builders and contractors to deliver outstanding results.

We engage at a personal and professional levels with our clients and seek to understand our client’s requirements to match them to the idea properties, particularly off market properties that are not on the radar.

Sloann brings our expertise, extensive network of contacts and relationships and analysis of the growing opportunities and trends within the London property market for your benefits and investment buying decision.

The basis of our success is our expertise and the trust placed by discerning client in our unparalleled specialist knowledge of the property market and an extensive network of professional contacts we work with in a completely discreet way.

Discretion is a key part of our unique service

‘Sloann offers objective and wholly impartial advice, while providing clients with assurance, complete discretion and anonymity.’ – A valued client