Top Gardening Tips For Landlords

Top Gardening Tips For Landlords

Rental properties with a garden, no matter how small, are highly attractive to most prospective tenants. Even if you aren’t a gardener, everyone appreciates relaxing in an outdoor space for fresh air and to hang out the washing! Although it is estimated that a garden can add over 15% in rental value, it’s important to keep it well maintained to prevent that asset becoming a liability.

Unless otherwise stated in the lease, the tenant is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of a garden, so you need to keep it easy to maintain for them.

Here is our top three tips on what you can do:

1. Create a low maintenance seating area

All gardens should have a dedicated seating area which can be used all year round. While gravel can look attractive it is more prone to weeds.  Put a layer of polypropylene sheeting, or similar, to inhibit their growth. Paving is easier to maintain but make sure it is grouted to stop weeds growing in the cracks. Decking is a popular choice, but to ensure it lasts you should invest in good quality pressure treated timber.

2. Don’t be afraid to ditch the lawn

If you are letting out a family home, then a lawned area for kids to play on is probably a must. But a lawn needs regular mowing in the summer and can quickly look unloved if not property maintained. If your property isn’t designed for a family, then why get rid of the lawn altogether? Gravelled areas with lots of pots and small trees can look stunning and are very low maintenance.

3. Choose plants carefully

Take care with your choice of plants. Perennials that come back year after year are generally low maintenance or just need an autumn tidy up. Hardy annuals that will self-seed, such as poppies, aquilegia or cornflowers are delightful and look after themselves. Remember to add some shrubs to add year-round structure, but choose ones that are slow growing so they don’t take over and need labour intensive pruning.

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